Monday, December 14, 2009

What is it with me and not updating >.<

Well, there hasn't been much but there has been some. Chris is still looking for work. He is on the subbing lists for Fresno County (excluding Central, Clovis, and Fresno Unified), but has yet to get called. There is a prospect that has popped up from University of Michigan with doing interview type stuff locally with all travel costs covered in addition hourly pay and he already has experience in data collecting so we'll see! Applications aren't due until January 1st so I suspect we will not hear back until mid-late January.

We are down to 12 rats. We lost Rascal and Rain. Rascal died to old age combined with pneumonia. Rain died due to a brain tumor :( We have 1 boy in a hospital cage all by self and the girls in the old boys cage. Tossed the old girls cage due to it being large and hard to clean and older so there were quite a few spots where the rats chewed through the coating and it was starting to rust.

Schooling is going. The semester has actually gone rather well. It's finals week, but I think I'm in good shape. Orchestra and band have been done for about a week and a half. Finished my Intro to Spanish Linguistics class with I believe a C. Finished General Linguistics with a good chance of an A. Needed an 80% on the final and I think I got that today! That leaves 3 finals on Wed and 2 parts (oral and written) in one of my classes. Wednesday I have Anthropology of Religion where I need an 88% on the final to get an A. Not so sure I can manage that with my test scores averaging 78% in that class, but I'll try! Wednesday, I'm also taking finals for Spanish 4A & 4B to finish out incompletes from last fall! I've been working my butt of the last 2 weeks getting the rest of the work necessary to complete them :) Thursday, I have my Advanced Conversation & Reading Spanish final. Not sure how I'm doing in the class since I've had little feedback, but I've gotten high C's on the exam (don't do well on vocab :( ) and perfect score on participation and most of my homework, but that still leaves presentations (individual and group) and some homework that I have have some feedback on :/ After Thursday is done, I will finally feel like I have breathing room! Although I still have some work to do since I do have a research paper to complete from my Spanish Composition incomplete. But I'm getting there!

Christmas is going to spent in Bakersfield with Chris' family and I'm looking forward to it! Thanksgiving was spent 2 days with my family and 2 days with his family. Was too much driving in too little time!

Anyways, enough of my rambling! And I need to head to bed to get up and study for the rest of my finals and go grocery shopping tomorrow.

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