Thursday, August 27, 2009

Haven't made an update in awhile >.< And of course we've had a lot going on.

Chris : Chris lost that job that he had. Reason being that he had really bad shoulder issues pop up, but they claimed "That his performance wasn't up to par while he was working." Hello!!! He was in training. He couldn't give extensions on rent when he didn't regularly work at that property. Whatever. For the shoulder, we actually went into the ER (on my birthday might I add), and their best guess was that it was brusitis (similar to repetitive stress injury) and prescribed him some vicodin (which still only take the pain down to a 3). It is getting a little better over time, but he is still limited in what he can and can't do. He is still waiting to hear from the county at some point this week since there was a board of supervisors meeting on Tuesday. He had an IRS assessment/ evaluation test on Saturday and has another one this Saturday. He also had a group interview at Apple on Friday. A LOT of possibilities are up in the air right now. Oh, and he passed his CBEST :) We haven't gotten the official notification, but we did receive an e-mail with his un-official scores on Monday.

Rats: We still have 13! We are happy because luck has never been with us when we've had an odd number. Fudge went in Tuesday and had a ginormous lump removed from her crotch/ lower tummy and is home with us recovering. She loves the anti-biotic though and will actually lick it off the end of the syringe :) Dewdrop went in for surgery today and we got the word about an hour ago that it had gone smoothly and she was in the process of waking up. She also had a huge lump on her hip that was actually throwing off her balance.

Me: Got my financial aid last week thankfully! We promptly got stuff we have been holding off on that were needed (like the rat surgeries, a few music supplies, stocking our medicine cabinet again, etc. ). Only spent about$250 on textbooks which I'm very grateful for :) Started classes and am proud to say I'm enjoying each one of them so far! Musically, I have had 1 audition so far and have 2 more this week. On Tuesday, I tried out on clarinet for the symphony orchestra and on Friday, I have the violin audition for the same ensemble. I would prefer clarinet, but it will depend on how many clarinets he needs and how the other players did. I KNOW 2 clarinets did better than me and he said he is taking 2 or 3. I will take violin, just as most of you know, clarinet is what I consider my primary instrument. Today, I have my band placement audition which determines which university band I make it into and my placement in the ensemble.

That's about all that has been going on. A lot in the air with Chris' job situation, but we are managing rather well. I should have more news soon-ish to post for you guys on that front :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rats, jobs, CBEST, and birthday celebration

Now we are down to 13 rats. On Friday, I got up and went to wash a load of dishes and when I came back to the bedroom to check on Chris (he had a migraine), I noticed that Smores was lying in a really awkward position and not moving. Sure enough she had passed away in the night :( We suspect pneumonia since she had been having issues on and off for awhile but of course we can't be certain.

Chris HATES his job. It's fully dealing with the public when someone needs a repair in their apartment or can't pay rent or to show them an apartment. He also doesn't like that he is not at the same location from day to day since the company owns about 50 complexes and he is a relief manager so he is assigned to where he is needed. Unfortuntely, it's something which is MUCH better than nothing. Hopefully we will hear back soon on the IRS or county job, but in the meantime, he is continuing to look.

He took the CBEST yesterday to start subbing when school starts and despite not being good at math he fells like he was fairly confident on all but 3 answers on the entire 100 question(reading comprehension and math) exam and of course writing is his strongest suit so we aren't worried about him not passing the essay portion.

Yesterday, Chris' parents and my mom came into town to celebrate my birthday a little early :) We went to Applebee's for dinner and Tutti Fruiti for desert (local frozen yogurt bar). It was wonderful and I still have half a quesadilla burger for lunch today!

Not much else going on. Rain is still continuing to gain motor control. Starting sorority stuff on Friday for the upcoming school year. Signed up for orchestra since I haven't found a steady on campus job and it seems slim to none that I will find one. Plus I do enjoy orchestra :)