Friday, January 2, 2009

Been a while

Well, it's been a while. Our lives have been a roller coaster. Our rat population is down to 20. Lost 11 in 5 weeks. Thankfully that slowed down and our population seems to be more stable now.

Chris' last day of work was the 23rd. He is the one graduating soonest and had the most absences, so he was one of 2 people to get cut out of the 5 that were student assistants, he does have another prospect in the arts & humanities IT department for tech support and computer lab baby sitting so we will see what happens. Should find out next week. I got called by Kennel Bookstore to do beginning of semester textbook rush for the upcoming semester. Only lasts a month, but better than nothing. Who knows, I might be able to talk to my manager about staying on. Still have the concert staff job, but as usual, I'm working, but also looking for something a little more steady.

Had a major health scare with Chris about a month and a half ago. In short, he was unconscious along our apartment complex in the grass for almost an hour. Got temporary health insurance that covered an MRI, but searching for health insurance so if something like this happens again, it won't be so scary. The MRI came up with a calcification in his cortex that was a little older, but has most likely been causing most of his migraines over the years. Waiting for an appointment with the neurologist at the local medical center.

My aunt had her 3rd child yesterday :) Baby Marissa Rosado was born at 12:10pm. She arrived 3 days early and has an older sister Christina, 8th grader, and older brother, 10th grader, to help mommy and baby out.

Chris and I are in the process of excavating our apartment and giving it as much of a deep clean as we can while we are on break from school. So far, the master bedroom is mostly done. Just awaiting the arrival of a bookcase to finish up in there.

Chris is graduating in May :) He is taking 10 units this semester and in May will have a BA in Anthropology and a BA in History!

Tuesday is our 2 year anniversary :) Nothing big planned since we really can't afford much right now, but we are going to Chaffee Zoo tomorrow since we since haven't made it out there even though we have wanted to. On the weekends until the end of January, they still have the Stingray experience.

Went to Disneyland the weekend before finals with another couple that we know and had an awesome time. 60 ft x-mas tree, pics with Mickey, Tinkerbell, Iradessa (Light Fairy), and a few Disney princesses :) Will post some pics later if you guys are interested.

And off to do dishes and run a few errands before getting started on excavating the bathroom!