Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well, things are going. My grades ended up being all B's with the exception of Band and Orchestra which had A's. I even managed B's in the 2 Incomplete's that I finished! Brings my campus GPA to 2.98 with one more incomplete that I'm working on completing. As far as next semester goes, I had to petition for student aid :( Am waiting for the result. They didn't like the fact that I didn't finish all 3 incompletes last semester... Should know more Tuesday as to if they reviewed my case or not. Crossing my fingers since with no aid, no school for me... Classes start Thursday so I really hope this is all sorted before then.

On the job front, Chris is STILL looking for work... We are both hired on temporarily at Kennel Bookstore for beginning of semester textbook rush. It isn't much, but it's something. This week we are actually going to be working a little over 25 hours between the two of us.

Rattie-wise, we lost Torando. I can't really explain more of what went on except for a sudden bout of pneumonia. We are down to 10 girls and 1 boy. Tornado was loved and will be missed. She was our fuzzy hot water bottle (half rex- half hairless, so she just had fuzz).